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The inspectors at iPest Control Melbourne offer a comprehensive pest inspection services for all domestic and commercial property owners. A pest inspection is a comprehensive visual examination conducted by a licensed exterminator hired to identify any signs of infestation in a household, a structure or an environment. Our inspectors look for pests such as rodents, termites, cockroaches, ants and any other types perceived to be detrimental to humans and the structure of buildings.

The experts at iPest Control Melbourne have been providing inspections to homes and businesses across Melbourne for more than 10 years. We are fully licensed, accredited and insured. Our process is detailed and comprehensive, we will check the condition of your entire property, leaving no corner, space or item of furniture un-turned.

Our reports cover a wide range of pests and infestations, including termites, rodents, wasps, bees, flies, birds as well as signs of decay, wood rot, mould and fungus.  In addition to visual checks, inspections are carried out using such high tech equipment as thermal radars, thermal imaging cameras and high resolution digital cameras.

Pest Inspection Methods

Visual Inspection

Our inspector will take about one to two hours and carefully examine a medium sized property. During the examination, the pest inspector will scrutinize readily accessible areas of a house including floors, wall coverings, roof spaces, sidings, ceilings, inside eaves, foliage, mouldings and any other place that pests might be hiding. For bigger structures like apartments, a team of inspectors may be deployed to examine the facility.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Sometimes, a thermal camera may be used to inspect extents that cannot be accessed by the human eye. Thermal imaging cameras utilise infrared technology to trace and track down deep rooted infestations otherwise indiscernible by the naked eye. This approach allows exterminators to target treatments to specific areas resulting in faster pest annihilation and reduction of pesticide use.

Inspection Process

Assessment: This involves a thorough and conclusive investigation of the premises to procure as much information as possible about a likely problem. During an evaluation, an inspector looks for habitat areas of the pest, lighting, heating, moisture conditions and any other factors that might favour infestation such as food and water. Evidence of an infestation can be determined by the actual specimen, cast skin or droppings.

Identification: After an assessment, the inspector should isolate the exact pest before moving on with any other processes. The pest must be positively identified in order to recommend the best method of eradication. It becomes easier to look for entry regions, habitat areas and possible damage after an identification has been made.

Recommendation: At the conclusion of a pest inspection, the inspector comes up with a report indicating all the areas that were analyzed for infestation, and whether or not the pests were present. The report includes a description of pest related damage and an assessment of concerns which could become problematic in future. The pest inspector may vouch for ways to eliminate the pests.

We Inspect The Following Areas:

  • Internal and external walls
  • Roofs, basements
  • Internal and external doors and windows
  • Cupboards and furniture
  • Garden timbers
  • Garden foliage

What Your Report Will Include:

  • Severity of damage to internal, external and subterranean structures
  • Signs of timber pests, such as subterranean termites and wood borers
  • Presence of excessive moisture and other conditions that foster pest attack
  • Recommendations for action

Advantages of Getting a Pest Inspection

  1. Early detection of Underlying Pest Infestation – Termites damage 80% of homes in Australia each year. Rodents consume a large percentage of food. Ticks and fleas transmit deadly diseases to humans. An inspection is critical in the identification of destructive pests before they cause further losses.
  2. Essential Routine Maintenance for Private Homes and Apartments– The inspection is conducted by qualified inspectors to ensure the integrity of buildings. The exterminators seek to determine whether there is any pest activity, especially termite infection, which may be causing internal damage to a structure.
  3. Pre-purchase Property Inspection – Acquiring a property can be one of the biggest investments one will ever make. It is imperative to dig into the finest details of a home before making a purchase since the Australian law does not tolerate any pest complaints after a purchase has been made.

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